Kosovo’s National Emissions Reduction Plan (NERP) covers two coal-fired power plants (five units). Like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo breached the ceilings for all three pollutants, by a large margin. The biggest problem remains dust emissions. They were 4.25 times above the ceiling in Annex 2, at 5,867 tonnes, an increase from the 5,042 tonnes emitted in 2018. Kosova B alone breached the national dust ceiling by 3.85 times, releasing a total of 5,314 tonnes of dust into the atmosphere. The B2 unit emitted 6.64 times above its individual ceiling, making it the worst emitter. 

SO2 emissions were also 1.8 times above the national ceiling in 2020, at an absolute value of 19,987 tonnes. Again, Kosova B’s two units on their own breached the national ceiling. SOrecorded a considerable increase in emissions compared to 2018, from 14,232 tonnes, despite a comparable number of operating hours. 

Kosovo’s NOx emissions also significantly increased between 2018 and 2020 – they reached 22,846 tonnes, nearly 3,700 tonnes more than in 2018. The country stands out for the highest breach of the NOx ceiling – 1.65 times as much as allowed. 

The 2020 health burden from Kosovo’s non-compliance is 129 deaths, 27,225 work days lost, 217.9 million EUR in 2020.

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Over 90%

of electricity exported in 2020 was coal-based


tonnes of SO2 emissions in 2020


deaths due to exceedances in 2020

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