Kosovo’s National Emissions Reduction Plan (NERP) covers two coal-fired power plants (five units). Like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo breached the ceilings for all three pollutants, by a large margin.

The biggest problem continues to be dust emissions. They were 4.3 times above the national level ceiling set out in Annex 2 of the NERP, at 5,867 tonnes. This was slightly less than 2021 emissions, but equal to 2020. Kosova B’s two units alone breached the national dust ceiling in 2022 by almost 4 times (3.9), releasing a total of 5,314 tonnes of dust into the atmosphere. Unit B1 alone emitted 6.75 times as much as its individual ceiling, making it the country’s worst emitter.

SO2 emissions were 1.8 times above the national ceiling in 2022, a considerable increase from 1.3 times in the previous year, at an absolute value of 19,987 tonnes. This was back up to the exact same amount as in 2020.

Kosovo’s NOx emissions also climbed back up to 2020 levels, the country’s highest since reporting began, at 22,846 tonnes. The country stands out regionally for the highest breach of the NOx ceiling – 1.68 times as much as allowed. On an individual unit level, the Kosova A4 unit had the highest breach of its individual ceiling. All units but Kosova A3 breached their individual ceilings.

Power plants in Kosovo

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Power plants in Kosovo

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